Nature's Organic Fertilizer

Ocean Blends is a proprietary high quality organic liquid fertilizer made from wild ocean fish

Nutrients in soil deplete naturally over time. Ocean Blends puts nutrients back into the soil and will bring more nutrients into your plants and the crop they produce. It is an excellent plant and soil food, stimulating soil organisms resulting in healthier, more vibrant plants.

Everything your soil needs

More than half of the elements on the periodic table can be found in fish. This includes nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (NPK); the three elements found in chemical based fertilizers.

With Ocean Blends, your soil and crops get 60 elements that are proven to be natures perfect balance of nutrients.

A fast solution to a constant problem - simply add to your water source and benefit

Superior Soil Health: Soil qualities are improved for deeper rooting and better penetration of water and nutrients. Unproductive soil is easily rebuilt and replenished.

Superior Plant Health: Gives long lasting results with improvements in plant colour, root development and overall tissue health.

Superior Nutrient Activity: Provides an excellent and fast-uptake source of food for the growth of beneficial organisms as well as providing supplementary macro nutrients.

Superior Pest Resistance: Improved soil and plant health leads to improved resistance to pests and fungal diseases.

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