Composite Garden Boxes

Our modern composite garden boxes look great, are easy to assemble and last a long time unlike ordinary wooden garden boxes.

Install a box in under 10 minutes with our modular kits or use our Stackable Garden Box Corners with 2x6 dimensional lumber boards


Available in four sizes:


In two colours grey & brown.

Includes 8 boards, 8 Stackable Garden Box Corners plus 4 corner end caps.

* Grey boards come with grey stackable garden box corners and brown boards come with brown stackable garden box corners
* 2×8 and 4×8 comes with 2 stakes for additional rigidity
* Stackable garden box corners have a 3/8″ hole on top

Stackable Garden Box Corners

The stackable garden box corners fit 2x6 dimensional lumber. Each kit includes 8 stackable garden box corners and 4 corner end caps in black, grey or brown.

Dimensions: 3.5″ W x3.5″ L x 5.5″

* Stackable Garden Box Corners are modular and can be stacked to the height you need
* Stackable Garden Box Corners have a 3/8″ hole to insert a steel rod for additional stability

Expand and grow your boxes with our modular system.

No more rotting boards!

Made From 100% Recycled Materials

composite fencing

With our long lasting composite materials you’ll never need to worry about replacing rotting boards or having your garden boxes look old & weathered. Keep your garden a sacred place.


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