The world is changing & the environment needs our help.

Shift into the new age with tough & durable, environmentally friendly materials.

composite fencing
  • Our products are made from natural, organic recyclable, and/or recycled material
  • Our products have been put through rigorous testing and proven to outperform
  • Shift Supplies has special strategic relationships with key supply partners and factories
composite fence colours

Work with some of the most innovative and low maintenance products on the market.

We aimed to develop innovative products from organic, natural and recyclable material to help the environment and we delivered.

Our products are designed to be low maintenance and easy to use/install.

Shift Supplies was established in 2017 but our team has over 20 years of experience working in the landscape industry. Over the past years we have seen a shift in the way consumers and contractors think when environmentally friendly products present themselves in the marketplace. All our products are tested in real-life scenarios against other industry leading products and have out performed them time after time.

Let's lead the landscaping and hardscape revolution together.

We’re committed to a strong research and development program to stay on top of all new products.


Environmental Awareness

Consumers have realized the products they use can have a big impact on the health to our environment. The landscape and home improvement industries have been slow with creating environmentally safe products.  We aims to correct this problem with products that minimizes the negative impacts to the environment.

Team Partners

Shift Supplies has special strategic relationships with its key supply partners.  We have excellent relationships with Canada’s largest fishing company along with specialty plastic recyclers. All of are partners are leaders in their industry.

Manufacturing & Supply

We compliment our manufacturing and packaging facility with outside partners in order to ensure quality and supply. Two strategic locations to support your needs in Western and Eastern Canada. Our warehouses are fully stocked with products to reduce delivery lag time!

Make the shift to composite materials.

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